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It’s impossible to tell you the story of Mumzie’s Children without telling you my family’s story first.

I was born in the small southern town of Lecompte, Louisiana on December 10, 1987 to Robin and Terry Thibodeaux. My Dad is the definition of a hard-working country man who’s always in his Sunday best and my mother is a picturesque southern woman who never wears the same outfit twice.

And me? I was an only child who fought tooth and nail to not have to dress up. My outfits of choice were t-shirts and tennis shoes, much to my parents’ chagrin.

Mumzie’s children is filled with hand-picked clothes, shoes, and gifts.

My mission is to make life a little easier for fashion-loving moms looking to lovingly dress their children.

Meet Mumzie

Thank goodness for my grandmother, Mumzie. Mom and Dad worked long hours, so most of my school days, weekends and summers were spent at Mumzie’s house. She had a sense of style that was contagious, and a can-do attitude that made me think anything was possible. If I spotted a garment I loved at a store window, Mumzie would come home, make a pattern out of newspaper and sew it up for me in a matter of hours.

Mumzie was the kind of woman who could sew pretty much anything. She taught me my love for sewing by creating one-of-a-kind pieces that I cherish to this day. By the time I was 12, I was sketching my own designs. I’d spend hours in my bedroom styling my baby dolls and Barbies, and dreaming of how I would dress my kids one day.

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Our Story

In 2006, I enrolled in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Fashion Design and Merchandising. By day I worked part-time at a local boutique store and by night I’d go home and sew garments until early morning. I finished school in Public Relations where I found a love for website design and business.

Then in 2011 I became a Mom, and the moment I’d waited for was finally here: I’d get to dress my little ones in all the adorable classics I loved! Imagine my disappointment when none of the designs I found online matched what I envisioned. As my five children got older, it became harder and harder to coordinate family outfits in age-appropriate styles and sizes.

So, just like Mumzie would’ve done, I dusted off the old sewing machine and began making clothes for my whole family. But I still felt there was a need for a place where parents could find upscale coordinating ensembles in a wide range of sizes and styles for their kids—from newborns to size 14. Inspired by Mumzie’s DIY attitude, in 2019 I designed my website and opened Mumzie’s Children. In 2021 I still had the erge to have a storefront. I wanted to be able to display these beautiful items and create an experience for little ones and their parents to know and love. In November of 2021, I opened Mumzie's for brick and mortar store on Versailles Boulevard. In a little less than a year, after we quickly outgrew that space, we decided to double our size by moving to our new location on Jackson Street Extension in Alexandria, La.

Our shop is filled with hand-picked clothes, shoes, and gifts. My mission is to make life a little easier for fashion-loving moms looking to lovingly dress their children

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