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Sourcebooks - Unicorn Night (hardcover) - Mumzie's Children


Sourcebooks - Unicorn Night (hardcover)


Hooray! Hooray! It's Unicorn Night! Thelma the Unicorn meets Uni the Unicorn in this rainbow-packed book guaranteed for bedtime fun! This clever, colorful, and over-the-top picture book about unicorns and unique-corns is a MUST for all unicorn lovers! Unicorns love to prance and dance the day away. But it’s exhausting! Now it’s time for unicorns to brush their manes, fluff their pillows, and sing the unicorn lullaby in this companion to the best-selling Unicorn Day. “Fuzzy jammies, flower beds, Sweet dreams swirling in our heads, Neigh, neigh, neigh, Played all day, Time to sleep the night away!” The Perfect gift if you’re looking for: - A fun-filled bedtime story - Colorful, beautiful animal stories - Children’s books about unicorns - Unicorn gifts for little girls and boys